We have great professionals, in permanent training and our main objective is that each community obtains the best services and maintenace.

  • Requesting the “C.I.F.” at Spain’s Treasury (“Administración de Hacienda”).
  • Legalisation of the Minutes Book of the resident community (“Libro de Actas”).
  • Opening of a bank account.
  • Creation of the Community’s Regulations (“Estatutos de la Comunidad”), when needed. Calling of Meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Writing and sending the Community’s Minutes Record.
  • Providing landlords with information about fees and account status.
  • Attending all directors meetings as required.
  • Preparation of charge budgets (both ordinary and extraordinary).
  • Computer-based financial accounting (computer-based issuance of receipts, monitoring of income and expenditure, bills, monitoring direct debit payments, fiscal domiciles, registers, cancellations, modifications, etc.).
  • Controling and dealing with debtors.
  • Advising on the community’s interventions.
  • Presentation of documents of the resident community.
  • Regular inspections to common parts of the buildings in order to verify their good state of conservation.
  • Negotiation of the management of receipts with banks.
  • Representating the resident community at Public Organisms (City Hall, Courts, Treasury…).
  • Ensuring the fulfilment of the legal obligations stated in “Artículo 20 de la Ley de Propiedad Horizontal (Ley 8/2013 de modificación de la Ley 49/60)”.